4 Truly Feminine Skirt Collections for Over 50s: Beautiful Styles at Prices

She’s not trying too hard anymore, but spring is finally here, and now it’s time for skirt ensembles! We offer you the most beautiful pieces of the season and the clothes that match them at prices.


scrambled Not possible in winter either To wear a skirt, you don’t even have to pay attention to the extra thick layers in spring. This is the time when you can introduce pieces with colorful textures, patterned and airy, making the look incredibly feminine. Whether it is an elegant, sporty or daring style, a skirt always creates a special effect and makes your everyday look absolutely crazy.

The warm, sunny weather took a while this year, but the fashion bloggers really did 2023 trends tested, and conquered spring with incredibly interesting combinations. Although most people only look at cool and trendy ensembles, it is not at all difficult to look at them for inspiration. It is a fact that it is not easy to get the same piece as pictured, but with similar things Shops are overcrowded.

We show you some stylish, feminine and sexy collections in which skirts are obviously the main thread. We help a little to collect inspiration, we show with prices and locations the trendy things that can be found on the clothes presented in the bloggers’ photos. These are really assemblies They earn a lot of money over the age of 50!

Spring skirt sets with prices and locations

Black and white is very elegant

Although exciting colors and patterns certainly play the main role in spring, here’s why Black and white combinations It should not be banished to the depths of the treasury. For those who want to introduce a bit of subtle elegance into their everyday outfits, and who don’t want to do it in an intrusive and forced way, it’s definitely a good idea to give the contrast look a chance.

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The tulle skirt is a special and trendy piece in itself, while the patterned and particular blouses brighten up the boring outfits even more. The big advantage of pairing black and white is that it can be paired with practically anything, so you can complement your pretty and clean things with silver or gold accessories.

1: Boss Skirt, Van Graaf, HUF 84,990. 2: Black and white plaid shirt, mojito, HUF 8,995. 3: Leather loafers, reserved, HUF 19,995. 4: Black-rimmed sunglasses, reserved, HUF 5,595.

You can’t go wrong with a pleated skirt

Pleated skirts are the hottest piece of spring. The popularity is not at all accidental, they make looks incredibly beautiful and sexy, and they stand their ground in any style. Even with sneakerseven if it looks great with high heels, a stylish look is definitely guaranteed.

1: Pleated skirt, H&M, HUF 9,995. 2: White shirt, Sinsay, 4,795 HUF. 3: Beige Sweater, Mango, 11,995 HUF. 4: Jenny Ferry Ankle Boots, CCC, HUF 14,995.

The leather effect skirt is hot and feminine enough

Leather effect skirt Completely change the everyday look. It makes for incredibly hot radiance, but with longer styles you don’t even have to give up elegance and femininity. In combination with high-heeled shoes, they create a particularly delicate look, and with sneakers, they enhance the sporty-casual line.

1: Leather effect skirt, preserved, HUF 7995. 2: Mango blouse, Anak, HUF 11,990. 3: Jenny Ferry sandals, ecipo.hu, HUF 9,995. 4: Khaki Bag, Bonprix, 9,999 HUF.

Satin skirt is enough for elegance

satin skirt It became very popular againSpring fashion loves pieces with light, airy materials. If the goal is to achieve a comfortable, modern and somewhat elegant look, applying for a high-end satin piece is definitely recommended. They look great with sneakers, can be combined with almost any material and style, and also add to their attractiveness.

Featured image and featured image: Streetstyleshooters/Getty Images.

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