3K Business Pitch Competition…. You Ready?

We want you to enter our Pitch Competition which is designed to explore innovative approaches to answering pressing sustainability and societal needs.

The competition is open to anyone currently registered as an attendee to the Black Collegiate Conference that’s right you can be a former or current College student. The top 5 pitches will be chosen to present their business idea at the conference February 8, 2018.  Register for the conference today!!!

All IDEAS welcome!


The competition is designed to explore innovative approaches to answering pressing societal needs and to spark an atmosphere of social dialogue and community. Students must complete a simple application and (optionally) upload a two-three minute video on YouTube (email link of video to campuslately@gmail.com).

The goal of the Pitch Competition is to provide financial and institutional support for students who want to make an impact on the world.



  1. Write an essay about the concept or idea (include information below)
  • Provide details on Social, Economic and Environmental Impact (what problem are you solving?)
  • Provide estimates on Cost (to develop the Idea or test it or market it)
  • Problem: What problem does your idea solve?
    • Unique Value: What value will your idea add to your users or customers, how is it unique and how does it solve a specific problem that they have?
    • Early Adopter: Who do you anticipate will use your product or service first? How do you plan to target them?
    • Competitors: Are there any competitors in your space? If so how is your product different?
    • Timeline/Strategic Goals: If your team were to win the competition, what would your timeline and goals be for the next 6 months?
  1. Provide a Visual Concept of the idea, if applicable
  • 3d Printed Sample or design
  • Photo/Drawing/Other
  1. Develop a short video pitch (Optional – but recommended)

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