Awesome Art Work: 365 Days With Dad by Cbabi Bayoc

365 Days with Dad is Cbabi Bayoc’s New Year’s resolution and the name of his project. He plans to paint one father figure each day for the entire year.

Mr. Bayoc began this project in 2012, he decided to paint an image of black fathers every day. He wanted to show positive images of black fathers and decided to use Facebook as the way to sell the original paintings.


The subjects Bayoc portrayed were real people, and some days, in small snippets of text, he shared their stories.

For example on day 72, for a man who’d recently lost his father, Bayoc wrote: “Like I said the other night, this 30-somethin yr old brotha just lost his father and mentioned not having gone fishing in a while.” So he painted a young man fishing with his father.

On day 133, for a painting about a young man whose father was in and out of jail, but found father figures in three other men came from a YouTube video he watched. “I watched this young cat bare his soul on YouTube and wanted to do a piece that spoke to his convictions.”

The images themselves feel real. Many painted from photos but enhanced with Bayoc’s style feel like ordinary moments in the lives of real people. And they definitely get your attention.

Check out Bayoc work as he shares the stories and lives of real people.



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