3 Unique Date Ideas For Spring

Every time the weekend rolls around reservations for restaurants fill up quick. WAIT! Hold on before you add your name to the reservation list. There are so many unique date spots around town besides going to Chili’s for the romantic 2 for $20.


Wine & Painting

What is better than drunk painting with your date? (besides drunk painting with Idris Elba) At these wine & painting classes you can bring your favorite bottle of wine and gulp it down while an instructor teaches you how to paint a portrait step by step. At the end of the painting session, you both get to go home with your painting which serves as a memory of the best date you’ve ever had.

Locations: Pinot’s Palette, Painting With A Twist, Merlot 2 Masterpiece, Art Class & Wine Glass, Painting Above The Bar



Cooking Classes

Some may not think cooking classes are romantic, but they actually are. Picture your sexy date standing behind you with his hands wrapped around your waist as you cut an onion. Tears of joy will begin to fall, but you can blame it on the chemical irritant from the onion. Then, your date will wipe your tears and place his hands on top of your hands to guide you as you finish cutting. That sounds like a romantic scene from a movie, but you can make it a reality on your date this weekend.

Locations: Well Done Cooking Classes, Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma, urbanCHEF



Drive-in Movie

Drive-in movie theaters used to be very popular, but they’ve lost their popularity as inside movie theaters took their place. It is very hard to find a drive-in nowadays, which is what makes it so unique. It’s also very romantic, because you can drop the roof of the car, lean the seats back, and cuddle as the opening credits roll.

Locations: The Showboat Drive-In, The Last Drive-In Picture Show, Galaxy Drive-in Theatre, Town & Country Drive-in Theatre

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