3 places in Budapest that you must urgently put on your wish list

Our new favorite: Gléda Vendéglő, reborn inside and out, has opened its doors with vegetarian dishes and Lajos Bíró dishes on the menu in the heart of Gléda, Óbuda, which evokes the cosmopolitan vibe of restaurants from the turn of the last century. The menu is varied with the expertise of the consultant chefs. “Very complex processes have taken place in recent weeks, and I would like to redefine the concept of a restaurateur a bit, because I feel that the most important actor in Hungarian hospitality, the guest, has been pushed into the background a bit. Our goal is for everyone who comes to us to feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoying themselves while eating. And drink it with family members, friends or business partners. It is important that guests of Gléda find their old favorites on the menu, even classic dishes, but there should always be something new to try and discover,” said János Deli, owner of Gléda. Gléda Vendéglő is also an ideal place for dinner for those who love live music as well as delicious dishes. Thursday evenings are colored by the guitar playing of Gergely Pálinkás, recognized representative of the Hungarian jazz scene. In addition to the show, the restaurant’s interior has also been completely renovated, which pays tribute to the work of Ildikó Baán, interior designer for Kodu Interior.

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