3 people were killed and 3 wounded in a random shooting at a bowling alley in Illinois: Police

The shooting occurred in Rockford, Illinois, northwest of Chicago.

Three people were killed and at least three others injured after a person opened fire randomly at a bowling alley in Rockford, Illinois, Saturday night.

The Rockford Police Department stated that the shooting took place at Don Carter Linz before 7 pm local time.

Police said a suspect had been arrested.

“When the officers arrived at the scene, the shooter was still in the building,” Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea told a news briefing. “None of the officers fired the weapons that we know at this point, but the person we think is responsible, and the only person that we think at this point is involved, we may have been in custody. But it remains to be determined.

Speaking of the shooting, O’Shea said the police “believe it is indiscriminate.”

The Prosecutor’s Office has been notified and the investigation is underway.

O’Shea said at least two teenagers were among those shot, but he was unable to provide further details of who were injured or killed.

“We are working with business owners, and they are on site to provide every possible cooperation to help us,” said O’Shea.

Police said some people were killed outside the building, some inside.

Rockford, one of the largest cities in Illinois, is located about 90 minutes outside of Chicago and two hours southwest of Milwaukee.

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