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3 out of 4 US voters said Joe Biden is not sure he can last for another term

3 out of 4 US voters said Joe Biden is not sure he can last for another term

Acceptance of Joe Biden’s work is at 39 percent, which is close to the 38 percent that was measured last summer, according to a national CNN poll. The public opinion poll conducted in the last days of August focused mainly on the president’s opinion, which also reveals that 24% of voters believe that the president’s activities have improved the situation of the US economy, while 58% believe it has worsened.

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About a quarter of those surveyed (26 percent) think Joe Biden has the authority to effectively perform the job of president.


35% of voters have a favorable opinion of the current president, which is a slight improvement compared to June, but still significantly lower than the 59% when he took office.

35 percent of voters expressed a positive opinion of Donald Trump, while in the case of the former president, this indicator did not exceed 44 percent during his tenure.

With regard to nominating candidates for the 2024 presidential election, two-thirds of American voters (67 percent) believe that Democrats should nominate another person for the post of president instead of Joe Biden.

The President of the United States can improve his relations with countries that have so far gravitated towards Putin at a meeting of leaders of the most developed countries.

Among concerns about the re-election of an incumbent president, 49% pointed to Biden’s age

73% of those who believe that the president’s physical and mental competence is of concern.

And 76% of those surveyed expressed concern about whether Biden would be able to complete another four-year presidential term.

Meanwhile, two-thirds (66%) of American voters who identify with the president’s party with Democratic sentiments think it’s very likely or very likely that Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee this November.

Americans’ desire to vote has increased in recent months and at the end of August

82% of respondents said they are very or very excited to participate in the elections 14 months from now.

In May, less than 70% held this view.

The CNN national poll questioned the president’s involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business affairs. And 61% answered that the current president was considered involved in his son’s business relations with China and Ukraine even during his tenure as vice president.

Regarding the criminal investigation and actions related to his son, 44% of those surveyed said Joe Biden had already done the right thing as president.

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