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3 million vaccines are given daily in the United States

The White House announced on Tuesday, local time, that 150 million vaccines against the Coronavirus have been given in the United States since he took office on January 20. Joe Biden President us.

We are the first country to provide 150 million vaccines and the first to receive more than 62 million vaccines.

The president said.

Biden reiterated that by the 100th day in office, they should reach 200 million. It is scheduled for late April.

The president also talked about securing vaccine supplies, mobilizing people to administer vaccines, and setting up vaccination centers to vaccinate an average of 3 million Americans every day.

He also announced that two weeks before the originally scheduled deadline of May 1, the vaccine would be available to all adults in the United States by April 19. This means that all adults, without exception, will be eligible to register and receive the vaccination.

He also drew attention to the fact that despite the progress made in vaccinations, the number of new infections and hospitalizations continues to rise. “The virus is spreading because there are a lot of people who think we are already on target,” the president said, adding that there is still a lot of work to be done to reach the target. We are currently fighting a life or death battle against the virus. Until we vaccinate more people, we need everyone to wash their hands, maintain required social distancing, and wear a mask.

The president also reminded people that in most cases, they receive a two-dose vaccine and that complete protection does not develop after the first dose of the vaccine. “It may take weeks after the first one gets the second vaccine, which provides complete protection,” Biden said.

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The President spoke in appreciation Mitch McConnellrell, Also about the Republican minority leader in the U.S. Senate, who has done a lot in the past to encourage as many reluctant Republican men as possible to get vaccinated. Biden says this is especially needed because survey data shows that many young Republicans believe they are not vaccinating themselves.

According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday, 1,685,920,075 doses of coronavirus vaccine have been given in the United States so far, 10,830,1234 people have received at least one dose, and 63,016,976 people have received all necessary vaccinations. .

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