26 million passwords stolen by mysterious malware

A 1.2 TB database was stolen by attackers with unknown malware – they also obtained login details, passwords, cookies, packing data and payment information.

Security researchers have shed light on another huge scandal. Unknown attackers used unknown malware to steal a 1.2 TB database.

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It contains login details, passwords, browser cookies, auto-fill information, and payment information. According to NordLocker experts, the database contains 26 million login and password details, 1.1 million email addresses, a lot of 2 trillion cookies and 6.6 million files, often stored in TXT files by victims.

The package also contained more than 1 million images and 650,000 Word and PDF files. The malware also took screenshots and photos of victims with a webcam, but data was also stolen from messaging, mail, games and file-sharing apps, which totaled 3 million computers between 2018 and 2020.

a According to NordLocker There is really no shortage of malware, almost anyone can easily and inexpensively obtain custom malware from the dark web. Dark web forums not only provide customized malware cheaply but also show you how to use stolen data with it. Advertisers promise to attack anything and everything with a unique virus.

in NordLocker He couldn’t recognize him The pest used in the current attacks. The login data covers about 1 million pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Gmail. 22 percent of the 2 trillion cookies were still authentic at the time of discovery, highlighting not only the habits and interests of victims, but also giving them access to the accounts.

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a I’ve been Pwned Database updatedAnyone can check to see if they are infected.

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