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21:00 – The Hungarian women's water polo team started with a victory over Canada

21:00 – The Hungarian women's water polo team started with a victory over Canada

The Hungarian national team defeated the Canadian national team 11-10 in the opening of the women's water polo competition in the World Qualifying Championship for the Olympic Games in Fukuoka on Sunday. Team captain, Rita Kesthelly, jumped into the pool in her eighth World Cup final, becoming the only Hungarian record holder ahead of Mercedes Stieber and Ursulia Takács. The 31-year-old international player – who was substituted in the last quarter – helped the team by scoring four goals. Attila Peru's side will meet hosts Japan on Tuesday and the New Zealanders on Thursday, and if they win to confirm their form, they will advance directly to the quarter-finals as group winners.

a result:
Women's Water Polo Championship, Group D, First Round:
Hungary-Canada 11-10 (5-3, 2-2, 1-2, 3-3)
Scorers: Keszthelyi 4, Gurisatti 2, Vályi, Máté, Garda, Leimeter, Szilágyi 1-1, and Cravier, Lemay-Lavoie, Browne, La Roche 2-2, Paul, McKelvey 1-1.

Hungarian – Szilagyi, Vale, Maheu, Mattei, Kestelj, Garda – Subs: Parkes, Lemaitre, Ribanska, Farago, Gorisatti.

The Hungarian and Canadian teams met during the preparation for the World Cup, a month ago in Montreal, and the Hungarians won easily with a score of 13-7, even without Rita Kisthely, who was absent due to her government exam. Since 1986, the Hungarian national team has met the Canadians only three times in the World Cup, winning seven out of 12 matches and losing five times, perhaps the most painful of which was the quarterfinals of the 2017 World Cup, when the national team lost abroad. The team won on Margaret Island.
It seemed that the first goal of the match was scored by the Canadians, but the referees looked at the video of the previous Hungarian situation, and it turned out that Vanda Vale's shot crossed the imaginary goal line. As we have rarely seen, technology had to be used to score the second goal as well, but this also resulted in a Hungarian goal, as Zuzanna Matej's close shot went wide. The Canadians got better with a nice goal up the middle, but the response came immediately from the other end: Rita Kesteli's “I'm here!” By shouting, he demanded the ball from the field with lightning speed and shot it into the net. The Canadians tied the game with a goal from a two-man advantage, but with another “timely” goal by Keszthelyi, the Hungarians, playing in green and white caps, gained the advantage again, and Gréta Gurisatti restored the two-goal lead. From the penalty point.
At the beginning of the second quarter, the Canadians could have closed the gap from five meters, but Alda Maggiari saved the penalty kick. A few moments later, the goalkeeper made another save to set up Goresatti's second goal from a counterattack. The Hungarian advantage was lost, but the challenger gained another five meters with a bit of luck, and Magyari could only touch this shot. On the other hand, another goal was missed, “in return” came an unfavorable possession, and then another Magyari defence. Who else but Keszthelyi broke the long Hungarian silence from a distance of five metres, but the Canadians were able to improve the matter at the moment of the whistle at the end of the first half (7-5).
The third act began with another flawless Keszthelyi five, but the opponent continued to hold on to the turn, and Serena Brown pulled one back with a stunning volley. The Hungarian attack machine came to a complete halt.
The final eight minutes began with a missed Hungarian goal and another Hungarian action, but Keszthelyi was sent off for a penalty after a video call, and the Bíró side thus lost their captain. The deficit was saved thanks to an excellent save from Garda Cristina, also completing the very psychologically important man advantage. Dora Lemaitre scored a practical goal after a long time (10-7), but the Canadian response came immediately. The opponent came back with a goal less than three minutes before the end. There was a minute and a half remaining, when a Canadian was sent off while swimming, and Attila Biro immediately called for time: the players had missed the number, but Dorotea Szilagyi managed to hit the net just before the attack. time is over. The Canadiens still scored, but with 26 seconds left, they were able to keep the ball.

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