2022 Aquatic World Cup – Hungary wins the first hat in the draw for the water polo tournaments

In addition to the bronze medal at the Olympics, the European champions, the men’s national team, the Serbian, and the Greek and Spanish teams won the first hat in Tokyo, according to the FINA on Wednesday.

The third women’s team, with five rings, can also expect a draw from the first hat, accompanied by the American, Spanish and Australian teams with gold medals in the last three editions of the World Cup and the Olympics.

The group draw will take place in Budapest next Tuesday.

In addition to the large pool at Hajós Pool, Debrecen, Sopron and Szeged host group matches for the water polo tournament. In each city there will be group fights for men and women, i.e. fans will be able to watch two matches in the afternoon – except for Margaret Island, where the Hungarian men’s and women’s teams will play, here to avoid collision with the swimming match, the first matches at 7.30 pm, the Hungarians begin to Water from 9 pm.


Men’s gymnastics:


1. Fish:
Hungary, Serbia, Greece, Spain

2. Fish:
Montenegro, United States, Canada, Croatia

3. Fish:
Brazil, Italy, Germany, Australia

4. Fish:
South Africa, Kazakhstan, Japan, Georgia

Women’s gymnastics:


1. Fish:
Hungary, the United States, Spain and Australia

2. Fish:
Holland, Canada, Brazil, Greece

3. Fish:
Argentina, Italy, France, New Zealand

4. Fish:
Kazakhstan, Colombia, Thailand, South Africa


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