2017 Anticipated Albums

I think everybody can agree when I say music just isn’t what it used to be. It seems like any and everybody can gain fame and popularity nowadays. People are putting out songs and we barely know what they are saying and it’s annoying, prime example: Desiigner. I still know nothing he said except “Panda” and his BET performance is stuck in my head for some odd reason. It probably scarred me. I’m just a true music lover and for me to be a fan you must have substance in your music. You have to be talking about something and the message has to be clear as it pertains to Hip Hop, which is why every “rapper” can’t be listed in that category. Don’t get me wrong I love trap music every now and then, but call me Sidney from Brown Sugar I just love Hip Hop.


Nonetheless, I’m just waiting on some new music, so below I have listed the top three anticipated albums of 2017.



  • Bryson Tiller – He has confirmed his sophomore album, but we still don’t know when it will be dropped. He’s also hinted at releasing something called “She Got My Soul,” but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. If his new album is anything like TRAPSOUL we’re in for something amazing. His first album was nothing but hit after hit. Top 5 songs are Exchange, Let Em’ Know, Overtime, Right My Wrongs and Been That Way.



  • Drake – I was a Drake fan way back when nobody was riding him so hard and then I fell off for a moment, but now I’m back. He’s not my favorite rapper, but you can’t help but love his music. He is ONE of the greatest to ever do it. I was a little disappointed with his last album. I guess it’s because in my eyes he can never ever top his “Take Care” album. Nothing will ever compare to that album. That was his best work, but with the singles, he has out now this next album should be good.



  • Nicki Minaj – I had to get somebody who can hold it down for the ladies and while everybody might not like Nicki and thinks she bites off other female rappers you have to admit she holds her own. Nicki Minaj is that B**** point blank period. Like Kodak Black said, “you ain’t gotta like my music, but you gon’ respect me.” Everybody knows when an artist breaks up with their boyfriend/girlfriend that next album is about to be fire and she’s already proven that once. Whatever she has for us in 2017 I’m sure it’ll be great.


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