1st place in Bahrain, but not really happy with it - F1VILÁG.HU

1st place in Bahrain, but not really happy with it – F1VILÁG.HU

Total Verstappen He made 139 laps with the RB16B race carHis best time was 1: 30.674, which he wrapped up in the lead on the first test day.

The field had to come to terms with the extremely dusty conditions, as the sandstorm hit the racetrack in the afternoon, but that didn’t bother Verstappen: Even in difficult conditions, cut the largest number of turns.

“We had a very positive day, we managed to do a lot of laps, even then Conditions were difficultDutch said. “It was very warm, with strong winds, and we know there’s always a lot of fist here – I’m very happy with the way things have gone.”

“We have identified several departments as our target, and if we can finish an entire program like this, then The team can also be happy with the informationThat we have gathered. ”

Verstappen added that lap times don’t need to be monitored for long, as teams will only show what they can do to try out Grand Prix time in Bahrain – and most importantly, he believes he felt comfortable in the car and had no problem on the first test day.

“We don’t have to talk about speed yet, it’s not a topic until we get to the third quarter of the race at the weekend – only then we’ll see the cars’ true speed.” The main thing is that it is nice to drive, so it’s a positive start” – Tell.

Red Bull test day Saturday Sergio Perez, By the newcomer from the barn.

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