150,000 teachers in the UK are on strike over low wages

The largest civil servant strike in the past decade began on Wednesday in England and Wales over the rising cost of living.

The strike was originally announced by the teachers, but they were joined by more than 100,000 employees of 124 government institutions. The railway workers and border guards also stopped working, so life stopped at many airports.

“Education affects everyone. We need more money and more colleagues. This way the competition will be greater. The principal can choose the best among 20 teachers, not from two. This way, the children will have a better education. We want more of everything A young art teacher stated his demands.

Due to a strike by primary and secondary teachers, most schools in England and Wales were closed on Wednesday, although online distance learning was organized for the day in many places and primary schools also provide childcare.

According to the National Education Union, the largest representation of public education workers, more than 150,000 teachers joined the strike on Wednesday afternoon.

The London government has offered teachers a 5 per cent pay rise, but unions say this amounts to a demotion as well as an 11 per cent inflation.

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