Brussels was scared after unveiling a plan to represent national interests

15 years later, the body of a Hungarian victim of the Slovak mafia is found

It has been more than a year since the Slovak police found the body of Zoltan B. But the man’s parents have not been able to get the boys’ remains on the floor since.

The body of Zoltán B., who lives in the Magnificent Century, was found on September 9 last year between Albár and Mád in Slovakia – Blake writes. The guy disappeared 15 years ago, it turns out, the name was written by mafia companies

They were executed instead of being paid. Zoltan was 23 years old at the time.

They were not allowed to cremate their bodies

The man’s family never lost hope, they trusted that Zoltán could be alive. His mother was completely devastated when he learned of his son’s body based on his contract last year. However, according to the newspaper article, women are more tolerant of that

The bones have not been received since then, so they weren’t even able to give him his well-deserved farewell.

“I’ve called investigators several times, wondering when we can finally get my son’s remains, but they won’t pick up the phone anymore.” Last time they promised they would be with us by September at the latest, but that was nothing. Zoltan’s mother told Blake that it is said we have to wait for the forensic expert, but we don’t understand what could take so long.

Elderly parents are afraid they will get sick of the case and will no longer face the boys’ funeral.

The worst feeling is knowing he already has his bones in, but we can’t say goodbye to him in a way that is worthwhile. It’s more horrible than I was when I didn’t know if he was ever alive somewhere,” the 63-year-old told the newspaper.

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The parents wanted to cremate the boys’ bodies, but the authorities did not allow this, saying that if something was needed later for some reason, it could be disposed of again.

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