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15+ facts about the Amish lifestyle that many people may find very challenging

15+ facts about the Amish lifestyle that many people may find very challenging

The Amish are people who, even though they live in the 21st century, do not use electricity or social media. To this day, they travel on horseback, although they also go to the supermarket and, in fact, often advertise organized tours in their community online.

the Likewe learned some interesting things about Amish life and how 18th century traditions fit into modern technology.

Kia Sari / Unsplash
  • The closed Amish community was immortalized in famous photographs, showing people dressed in old-fashioned clothing riding horse-drawn carriages on American roads next to modern cars. It is known that the Amish do not use technology. They live by very strict rules, isolating themselves from the rest of the world. They prefer manual labor and their family has an average of 6 children. Today there are more than 300,000 Amish, most of whom live in Canada and the United States. However, their rules and traditions differ from one group to another.
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  • The Amish don’t have cars. But they can be passengers – for example, in a car, bus, train or in the car of a neighbor who wants to take them somewhere. It does not violate traditions and allows them to go places they would not otherwise be able to go. In addition, the Amish may hire people from outside their community to provide transportation. However, aircraft are not used because they are considered too modern.
  • Amish people do not use bicycles. But they have transportation ranging from scooter to bicycle, which is very popular. These scooters are probably the second most popular means of transportation after horse-drawn carriages. A lot of young people go to school on these bikes and they are actually called “Amish bikes.” There is a private Amish-owned company that manufactures these vehicles.
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  • As for electricity, which is taboo among the Amish, it is one of the most prominent symbols of their separation from the world. This also means they cannot use the radio, television or other devices. But their traditions and reality are somewhat at odds with each other: electricity is prohibited, but external generators are used, for example.
  • In addition, some Amish groups use pneumatic motors for their washing and sewing machines. Refrigerators, stoves, water heaters and lights run on bottled gas.
  • There are no strict rules for the Amish diet. So, for example, you can easily visit Burger King. Other guests are often surprised when they park their horses in the parking lot.
  • At weddings, the Amish would place celery in vases. This plant is a symbol of their community. In addition, this celery, which they grow themselves, is not only eaten, but also used, for example, to decorate the house.
Vladimir Kudinov OT5nbP2m24I unsplash
Vladimir Kudinov / Unsplash
  • the Ramspringa The period of Amish life that begins in adolescence and ends with a very important decision: to remain in the community or to leave it. During this period, young people can live the life they want, go where they want, and do many things that are prohibited within society. There is a 2002 documentary about this period of life Devil’s playground. There are also some reality shows that show what happens when Amish children are released to big cities.

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