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140,000 teachers in public education will be affected by the wage increase – Economy – News

140,000 teachers in public education will be affected by the wage increase – Economy – News

A total of 140,000 teachers working in public education are affected by the wage increase, including 80,000 teachers working in public schools. The EU president said that compared to the average wage last year, the government is offering an additional wage of 32.2 percent. The important point is that according to the EU commitment, the average teacher wage this year will reach 71.8 percent of the average wage of graduates. . Klebelsberg Center in his interview with Mandiner, published on Saturday.

Gabriela Hajnal said: The Klebelsberg Center decided on a basically uniform distribution mechanism in accordance with the law, and accordingly, compared to the November wage, trainees will receive a 32.2 percent increase, and those belonging to the first teacher category will receive 31.2 percent. Those who belong to the second category of teachers will receive a 29 percent increase, while those with a master’s degree will receive a 21.1 percent increase.

Thanks to the current increase, the minimum wage for new trainees is 528,800 HUF as an apprentice, the minimum wage for the first category is 538,000 HUF, and the minimum wage for the second category is 538,000 HUF. Teachers and tutors can earn 555,000 HUF, while the salary of a main teacher starts at 630,000 HUF, and the minimum salary for research teachers is 750,000 HUF – main breakdown.

When asked if there were exceptions, he replied that there was an additional 2% in the case of a university degree, and another 4% in the case of teachers in areas of shortage identified by the government. The latter refers to the subjects of natural sciences, mathematics and digital culture, he added.

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As a bonus for creating opportunities, an additional twenty percent is added to all this for teachers who teach in disadvantaged settlements or in schools where the proportion of disadvantaged children and students reaches 10 percent and they implement a catch-up programme. “It is clear that a significant increase in wages has been achieved,” Gabriela Hajnal said.

Concerning what was reported in the press that there were teachers receiving an increase of only a small percentage, he said that the center had not received such a reference, “and we can only deal with the details.”

He added: It happened that one of them was not taken into account for entering a higher degree scheduled for January, or that the school failed to announce that he had obtained a university degree.

“But these are errors that can – and must – be corrected; this has happened. I cannot comment on behalf of other operators, but the numbers just shown are valid for us,” the president said.

He said that he himself supports the fact that the almost 20 percent increase next year should be distributed in a more differentiated way.

He pointed out that next year, according to the commitment made before the European Union, the average teacher salary should reach eighty percent of the average graduate salary, and then maintain it until at least 2030.

In response to another proposal, he said that a concept for a performance appraisal system had been developed, and it would be mandatory from 2025. Enterprises could already use the parameters and indicators included in it.

“There is no doubt that there can be some objectivity in each assessment, but the framework should be set out as clearly as possible. Objective aspects could be: the number of children with special educational needs the teacher deals with, the number of classes, the number Classrooms “What majors he takes, what his grades are like, what programs he's in — and we could list a lot more,” Gabriella Hajnal said. Basically, the evaluation will be the responsibility of the managers,” she said, adding that no one should fear a drop in their salary.

“But while we are doing this, fake news has also spread that the school where the strike occurred does not get a higher salary. This is nonsense. Everyone gets a raise in their salaries based on the principles mentioned earlier. We would like to ask that if any problems arise,” he stressed. Anywhere, please contact the moderator, before the opposition press gets upset! “We will correct any errors we can, and we will find a solution.”

The author of the interview noted that Gergely Gulyas, the minister responsible for the Prime Minister's Office, stated that trade unions had prevented the implementation of the wage increase, while Gabriela Hajnal indicated that she agreed with the minister.

“Trade unions regularly serve the election campaign of the left. By stating a lot of lies, the unions tried to give a negative character to everything that happens in education abroad and at home. But this hindered the process of obtaining EU funds.” He said.

He also announced that so far 1,215 of them have not signed their contracts in accordance with the legal status legislation, which is “clearly not zero, but it is still far from a very large number, taking into account that about eighty thousand teaching colleagues have a legal relationship.” belonging to the educational districts.

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Regarding the shortage of teachers, he saw that their situation was no worse than before. “There are a lot of schools where children are given much more hours than the required number, and we hear about forty hours a week, while even in high school the maximum would be thirty-four hours. If institutions followed the rules, there would be complaints about pregnancy,” he stressed. The excess will be much less. Among other things, I am here to represent the interests of children, so I will do everything in my power to prevent such exaggeration.”

Regarding recruitment, he said the number of applicants for teacher training in 2023 is exceptionally high. “I admit that there is still work to be done in this area. The current salary increase is very attractive to those starting their careers. No young teacher leaving university has ever earned as much money as now. We need to think In integrating a particular subject, we need to make students love science,” he said.

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