14 Things I Learned My Freshman Year Of College

Looking back, I feel that I learned the most about college life during my freshman year of college. That first year was filled with many failures and thankfully some victories as well. As I start my senior year of college, I want to pass along my college wisdom and share 14 things I learned during my first year of college.

Being unprepared for a quiz, does NOT make is a pop quiz

Freshman year of college was the year of “procrastination” for me. For the first time in my life, I had all the time in the world, mixed with all the freedom I could ever want. It took me awhile to realize that in college there is no such thing as “free time” and instead free time are moments I need to be studying for…the quizzes I had coming up!!

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There is NO such thing as a pop exam!!

You don’t know pain, until you walk into your class completely unprepared for an exam all because you simply forgot you had a test that day. One of the biggest lessons I learned my first year of college is that professors tend not to repeat themselves. You have to hold yourself accountable and make sure you ALWAYS know what’s going on in your classes BEFORE you walk into the room.

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This list is in no particular order, but if it was then reading the syllabus would be number one!! If I had taken the time to thoroughly read all of my syllabi then I wouldn’t have been walking into the class feeling as if we had a “pop” exam that day. When it comes to college, syllabus is pure gold. They tell you everything from when exams and quizzes will be where your professor’s office is located. If you are an incoming college student reading this article then please remember to ALWAYS






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You should NOT be pulling all-nighters multiple times in one week

I sadly had to learn this lesson the hard way. During my first year of college, I had horrible sleeping habits, which were negatively affecting other areas of my college life. Making sure you’re getting the proper amount of sleep time is crucial if you plan on having a productive collegiate career. Yes, all-nighters are bound to happen every now and again. However, staying up all night should only happen a few times a semester. If you find that, you consistently have to pull an all-nighter in order to get your assignments in on time then pause for a second and reevaluate your time management skills.

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No matter how big a campus may be, things still get around

You know how you couldn’t wait to get to college because you thought people would be more mature and not gossip as much …

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Well, that’s not exactly true. College students gossip just as much, if not more, than high school students. Also, what’s done in the dark will ALWAYS come to light. Meaning, there aren’t too many secrets on a college campus, and it does not matter how big your university may be, the news still travels!

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“Finding Yourself” is actually harder than it seems

During the next four (or however long it takes you to graduate) years of your life you will consistently be changing and growing. Who I was when I first started college, compared to who I am now, are two completely different people. Finding yourself is not as easy as movies make it out to be. However, it is possible! So trust the process and be sure to love yourself every step of the way.

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Not having a homework does NOT mean there’s no work to do

Remember when I said, “in college, there is no such thing as free time”? Well, that applies double when it comes to homework assignments. Just because your professor did not give a specific assignment to be completed before the next class, doesn’t mean there’s nothing for you to do. My first year of college, I learned to use my so-called “free moments” as a chance to study or catch up if I’m behind.

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Breaks will NEVER be as they were in high school

High school breaks were filled with parties, linking up with friends, and trips to the mall. While college breaks tend to be filled with avoiding questions from family members, eating home cooked meals, and sleep. During your breaks, you will also feel as if you don’t fully fit into your hometown anymore. Every time you come home for a visit, more and more things will be different.

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When in doubt…DON’T pick C, cause it might be B..A..or D

Whoever said “when in doubt pick C” was a bold face lie! Because it might just be A…B…or C. And in college, there might even be an E or F option as well!


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Love is hard to come by, while lust is hard to hide

All I’m going to say here is that Love and Basketball is a bold face lie also!!

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Your parents won’t understand how it’s possible to spend soo much money on food

During my first year of college, I spent so much money on food that I cringe whenever I think about it. I was always down to go out to eat any time the opportunity presented itself. One of the biggest lessons I learned my freshman year is that sometimes you have to “there is food at home” to yourself!

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Just b/c you sleep thru a class does NOT mean the class was canceled

In high school, you can miss one day of school and not fall behind. However, in college, if you blink during the wrong time in a lecture it’s like you’ve been absent for the entire semester. Unless your professor takes the time to state otherwise then CLASS IS NOT CANCELLED! It doesn’t matter how bad the weather may be or how tired you are, GO TO CLASS!!

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Use all the time given to complete your assignments 

One of the main reasons I pulled so many all-nighters my freshman year of college is because I waited so long to start my assignments. My professors would allow a month to complete a project and I wouldn’t start until four days before it was due. I would be sitting in my dorm, stressed, and crying, all because I waited until the last minute to start my work. If your professor gives you s month or more to complete an assignment, use every second possible to your advantage!

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ANY assignment can be completed in one night

Yes, you should use ALL the time given to complete an assignment. However, I am living proof that ANY assignment can be completed in one night. “I didn’t have enough time” is not a good excuse on why you didn’t complete an assignment. 24 hours may not be enough time to turn into something that is worthy of an A, but it is enough time to turn in something.

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If I had known these 14 things prior to my first year of college then I’m sure I would have had a little bit more victories and far fewer failures. If you know anyone who will be starting college soon then be sure to share this list with them! Also, feel free to add what you learned your first year of college in the comment section below!

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