14 people were rescued from the sea by three Labrador's on an Italian beach

14 people were rescued from the sea by three Labrador’s on an Italian beach

14 members of three families, including eight children aged 6 to 12, were rescued from the sea by trained rescue dogs Sunday at a health resort in Italy, MTI writes.

The three families stayed about 100 meters from shore on Sperlonga Beach, south of Rome, on rubber mattresses, small boats and a surfboard when the sudden sea current swept them away. The bathers could not return to the shore, and due to the high waves, some children fell out of the boat.

A young woman heard cries for help and alerted rescuers hundreds of meters away, sending three specially trained Labradors, four-year-old Eros, seven-year-old Mia and five-year-old Myra to help.

Rescue dogs secured all 14 ‘shipwrecks’ within 20 minutes, with the extraordinary rescue being watched by 400 people from shore. The dogs for the successful rescue were thanked with applause and a big thank you.

The mayor of Sperlonga thanked and congratulated the dogs, Armando Cusani He also said who said that the case also proved that it was the right decision to enhance the safety of bathers by deploying rescue dogs.

Rescue dogs have been used on Italian beaches since 1994.

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