11-dimensional structures are designed by our brains so that we can make sense of the world

11-dimensional structures are designed by our brains so that we can make sense of the world

We may perceive the world in 3 dimensions, but our brain can also build 11 dimensional structures for this.

The structure and function of the brain remains a task to solve for science to this day, but we are getting closer and closer to understanding how we understand what we understand.

Swiss neuroscientists, combining various branches of mathematics, made an amazing discovery: their studies According to us, our brain and the groups of neurons that make it up can form up to 11 dimensions of geometric structures while thinking and processing information!

Based in Switzerland Blue Brain Project Its researchers have been working since the mid-2000s to create a perfect version of the human brain using supercomputers, a kind of biological and digital simulation.

A particularly big step forward in this long-term research is the discovery that our brains are constantly creating highly complex, multi-dimensional geometric shapes and spaces. In the research, the scientists first performed tests on the virtual brain tissue they created, and then confirmed the results in a study of real brain tissue in mice.

Virtual neurons generate clicks upon stimulation, and each neuron is connected to the other to form a specific geometric object. Due to the very large number of neurons, the spatial shape can be described mathematically in ever higher and higher dimensions – mostly 7, but it is not uncommon for 11 structures to be formed yet.

“The emergence of its high dimensionality means that the neurons in the network respond to stimuli in a highly organized way. It is as if the brain responds to a stimulus by building from multi-dimensional blocks and then tearing down a tower, starting with bars (1D), then plates (2D), then Cubes (3D), then more complex geometric shapes, 4D, with 5D, etc. The development of activity in the brain is like a multidimensional sandcastle consisting of small grains of sand and then disintegrating.

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