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10+1 distinctive and beautiful lamps guaranteed to brighten your home

10+1 distinctive and beautiful lamps guaranteed to brighten your home

Whether playful, elegant, artistic, minimalist, or boldly eccentric, in this collection of lamps dreamed up by legendary designers, you’re sure to find a table lamp that suits your home and personality. Or rather lamps, because we haven’t fallen in love with one of them Solinfo House Immediately and hopelessly.

Panthella was originally created at the table of world famous designer Verner Panton in 1971, and has since been considered Panton’s most important design.

The smooth, instantly recognizable shape is not only beautiful, but also useful, as light spreads evenly from the hemispherical top to the trumpet-shaped base.

Available in several colours, the Panthella 160 is a portable version of the popular Panton lamp, named after the 160mm shade, and will be an ideal source of light in any part of your home.

Vintage and contemporary are perfectly combined in the lamp launched by designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby in 2018.

The light of the mushroom-shaped lamps, available in several colors, can be adjusted in four levels, from bright to suspiciously intimate, so that even in the most romantic restaurants, they do not glow in such luxurious semi-darkness.

The stylish lamp is portable and can be charged via micro USB.

Gustave tempts you with a comfortable glow and innovative light and optical technology, specially designed as an additional lighting fixture. It’s not hard to spot the homage to ancient forms in the battery lamp;

We think it could be a perfect addition to our living room and the intimate conversations that take place there.

Few lamps in the world have received as much attention as Inma Bermúdez’s FollowMe lamps in 2014, which instantly became a design icon just a few years after their launch. This is no coincidence:

With its clean, airy lines, adjustable hood and lantern-like design, it’s a beautiful, practical and cuddly thing that we love outdoors and indoors.

The FollowMe is available in several colours, from soft pastels to bolder colours, with an oak handle, and on a single charge, you can enjoy its light for 5-20 hours, depending on the intensity of the light.

With the Firefly in the Sky lamp, you can choose from many colors and designs, as well as five strengths, but elegance and elegance are guaranteed with every option.

Designed by Matteo Thun, due to its restraint, this beautiful lamp will find its place in any home, but it can also be the perfect lighting for restaurants or events.

It is available in both desk and floor lamp versions, and lasts for 24 hours at 25% brightness on a single charge.

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The vertical table lamp dreamed up by Norm Architects is inspired by the columns that hold ships to the dock, where technology and striking style come together in a gorgeous mushroom shape.

An ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor settings, the brushed aluminum gives the lamp a stunningly presentable look, which is guaranteed to attract attention.

Its brightness can be adjusted to three levels, it’s wireless, light yet durable: you can’t help but love it.

The genius of famous designer Verner Panton is also evident in the Flowerpot lamp, which has been redesigned in seven different models by the Danish design company &tradition. The beautiful ball-shaped lamp can be charged via USB, it ensures an intimate family atmosphere both indoors and outdoors, and we can browse the very interesting variations in colors from cobalt blue to crimson to dark plum.

The soft, lustrous shape of traditional Mongolian bao tents and the unique values ​​of the natural world inspired Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa when he created the bao lamp collection.

Elegant, modest and beautiful, and through it all Japanese design comes together in beautiful lamps, whose warm, homely glow you can enjoy indoors and outdoors.

It is available in several colors, with a glossy polycarbonate surface, and a built-in battery.

This hypnotically beautiful lamp instantly attracts you with its dazzling appearance, which can remind you of melting gold, inside a glacier or endless outer space. The lamp with its glass effect and amorphous shape can be a magical decor for your living room, but thanks to its ten-hour battery life, you can take it with you anywhere in your home.

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You can almost have a sculptural creation in your home if you take the Easy Peasy home.

The blown glass light fixture, which combines two round shapes, looks like a bell, and since it is available in many different colors and shapes, the finished look can be completely customized.

You can adjust the brightness as you like, from dim to warm, and thanks to its battery-powered design, you can place it anywhere in the apartment.

The Pivot Table Lamp is stylish with its playful and geometric shapes, as the top rotates at a forty-five degree angle and fits into the base of the portable lamp.

Its soft light is like a lit candle in a lamp: a beautiful and elegant choice from the dining room to the living room to the bedroom.

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