10 Things You Miss About College During The Summer

As much as you want the semester to speed by so you can spend more time at the mall or the beach, there are things that you miss about being away at college while becoming a couch potato at home during the summer.

  1. Roommates/Friendstumblr_n0y8frlJFI1rn5zw6o1_500

Developing friendships helps to deal with the stress of college and no matter how much you get on each other’s nerves, it’s hard to deny roommate/ friend withdrawals.

Being Productiveproductivity

When you’re in school there is always something to do. Whether its math homework, a research paper or late night study sessions in the library there is always work to be done.


  1. Freedom to do whatever you wantI can do whatever I want

While away at school you pretty much have the free will to do whatever you want so it’s hard when you have to go back to following your parent’s rules.


  1. College Partiestumblr_nabmo3UnnN1tjz13zo1_400

After acing a test, completing that 15 page research paper, or just because you want to TURN UP! College parties are the best and terribly missed during the summer.


  1. Student OrganizationsJanelle

If you are heavily involved on campus with some of the student body organizations such as SGA, your school’s newspaper or any Greek organization you miss the bond that you all share throughout the school year.


  1. The classes that you actually likehardest-class

The class room is not anyone favorite place to be (even though learning is the sole purpose for being in college) but every now and then you might actually have a class that you don’t mind waking up for. Because there’s always that one professor that gets sidetracked reminiscing about the “good old days.”


  1. Late Night Food Runsgiphy

Those late study sessions causes these uncontrollable hunger pains that can only be satisfied by a burger run at 12 a.m.


  1. Football Season!!LSU-T-Rex-Dance-Stands-Alabama-College-Football-Game

Getting decked out in your schools colors and cheering for your favorite team will forever be a great college pastime.

  1. Everything Being in Walking Distancestumblr_n5jlbcaieR1s2wio8o1_500

The convenience of having everything that you need just minutes away is always something to be missed.


  1. The General Atmospheretumblr_nlal69DM1D1txl6nno7_r2_250

Being around all of your friends and taking advantage of all the possibilities that college has to offer is reason enough to miss college. You experience a different atmosphere, it’s like a whole new world.


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