10 Jobs You Can Really Do From Anywhere In The World

10 Jobs You Can Really Do From Anywhere In The World

Most remote work doesn’t offer 100 percent flexibility, and according to FlexJobs, most of these jobs are geographically, if not city-related, but employers typically stick to a region or country.

At the same time, there are also functions that can be performed from anywhere in the world, regardless of location or even time zone.

The CNBC Based on a survey conducted by a career consultant, it lists some of the jobs that can be done in this way, as there are now the most wanted workers in the world. Flex Jobs He analyzed his job postings database between January and June 2022 By searching for jobs that most workers are looking for. The checked functions can already be performed from anywhere, that is, they provide the possibility of working remotely, are not tied to a place and do not require any time spent in the office at all. Here are the top 10.

  1. Product designer
  2. clerk
  3. Production Manager
  4. Executive Assistant
  5. treasure hunter
  6. Social Media Manager
  7. marketing manager
  8. graphic design
  9. UX design
  10. wordpress developer

The number of digital nomads is on the rise, and according to a recent Lonely Planet survey of more than 1,400 participants from six countries (including the US and Mexico), 54 percent of workers said they “work anywhere” – CNBC reports.

At the same time, more and more companies are considering expanding the offer of remote work, and more and more countries are offering remote work visas.And this process will not stop, according to the professional consulting firm, the number of jobs that can be done from anywhere will soon increase.

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FlexJobs reports that marketing, project management, customer service, and technology are currently among the industries that offer the most business jobs from anywhere.

The consulting firm has also named companies that currently offer the most job opportunities of this type. The list is dominated by technology companies and international companies, including Airbnb, ConsenSys and the Wikimedia Foundation.

For those applying for such a position, career experts advise that it is worth highlighting your resume’s proficiency in the tools needed to work remotely, such as knowledge of Zoom, Slack, Trello, and Google Suite. they add that Being a digital nomad is exciting, but transitioning from a traditional, work-from-home or hybrid job can be tough. Before anyone gets involved, it’s a good idea to consider travel costs, and research companies’ resources for remote workers, particularly whether they offer a tech grant or virtual mentorship program.

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