10 An Unfulfilled Promise From Elon Musk

10 An Unfulfilled Promise From Elon Musk

The Tesla boss announced that his company is working on the production of robots that are controlled by human artificial intelligence. While that’s very interesting, we can rightly question Elon Musk’s announcements and promises, so we’ve rounded up some of the things the CEO promised years ago but so far haven’t been kept.

Elon Musk said Tesla could begin trial production of a human-like robot sometime next year. This will depend, in principle, on technology that Tesla already uses in its own factories, most of which are automated, and of course also the use of artificial intelligence improvements built into Tesla cars.

Source: Tesla

About the robot, made under the name Tesla Bot, Musk said that it was supposed to be basically friendly, but if something happened, it was designed to escape from it or be overcome by force. Anyway, the robot will be 176 inches tall and weigh 56 pounds, and we’ll find a screen instead of its face.

The purpose of a robot is primarily to perform tasks that are unsafe, boring, and repetitive for a human being.

That all sounds pretty good, but maybe we’re not malicious when we say that given Musk’s promises so far, it won’t be next year, but maybe not years from now. Let’s now take a look at a gallery of some of Elon Musk’s so far unfulfilled promises!

Click our gallery to view Elon Musk’s 10 Unfulfilled Promises!Source: Tesla

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