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10 + 2 captivating Hospitals & Doctors series on Netflix and more

10 + 2 captivating Hospitals & Doctors series on Netflix and more

We have collected for you the best medical and hospital series of the past decades, which can be found on streaming providers available in Hungary (Disney +, HBO Max, Netflix).

Doctor House (Sky Showtime, Amazon Prime)

Dr. Gregory House faces mysterious medical cases with his team of young diagnostic experts. He commands respect for his impeccable instincts and unconventional thinking, despite his brutal honesty and antisocial tendencies.

New Amsterdam – Emergency in New York (Netflix)

A new director has been appointed to head one of the oldest hospitals in America, Dr. In the person of Max Goodwin, who upends the status quo and breathes new life into the organisation.

Grace Clinic (Disney +)

Meredith Gray and her colleagues are residents of Seattle Grace Clinic, one of the nation’s toughest surgical residency programs, where their lives depend on on-the-job training. They are led by experienced doctors – to ensure that the new team does not collapse under any hard work. The innocent group of surgeons soon learn that they must take all of their decisions and actions seriously, both at work and in their personal lives.

Dr. Addison (Disney +)

Known for the Grace Clinic, Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery leaves Grace in Seattle for a new private practice in Los Angeles. Among his recently divorced ex-colleagues, he learns of a new city and a new way of working.

Emergency (HBO Max)

The provocative series shows the chaos in the emergency department of a city hospital and the lives of its dedicated doctors.

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Under the Knife (HBO Max)

Senior plastic surgeon Christian Troy benefits from his successful and growing practice in Miami, which he shares with his close friend, Sean McNamara.

Dr. Murphy (Disney +)

Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and scientist syndrome, gives up his quiet rural life to join the surgical department of a famous hospital. Alone in the world, unable to form personal relationships, Shaun uses his exceptional medical skills to save lives and battle the skepticism of his colleagues.


John “JD” Dorian is a resident at the surreal Sacred Heart Hospital, where humor and tragedy go hand in hand. His friends, resident surgeon Chris Turk, and the sweet, but slightly impulsive Elliot, also work here.

Chicago Med (Sky Showtime)

The city’s number one team of doctors, nurses, and the rest save lives and deal with love and loss in the hospital’s emergency department.

Resident (Disney +)

Set in the final years of a young doctor’s training, The Resident is an engaging medical series that peels back the veil of reality and reveals what really goes on in the nation’s hospitals – both the good and the bad.

+2 A medical series that does not deal with healing

Cold Surgeon (Disney +)

As a forensic expert for the Philadelphia Police Department, Dr. Megan Hunt grapples with her personal problems as she goes against the rules and brings criminals to justice.

Dr. Bones (Disney +)

A series about a criminological anthropologist who helps uncover all kinds of crimes when no other methods lead to evidence. The stories are inspired by the work of forensic anthropologist Kathy Reich.

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