What To Wear: Halloween Campus Edition DIY Costumes

It’s the beginning of October, do you know what that means? Halloween is right around the corner! Candy and costume parties are on the way. So what will you wear?

Ladies, please don’t do the basic cat ears and tail look this year. Guys, don’t you dare wear a toga or old basketball uniform from your glory days. It’s time to step it up! Think outside of the box! You should want a costume that no one else will even think to put on. Here are a few ideas:

halloween CL1. Gum Ball Machine: This look is super cute and easy. All you need is an old shirt, some puff balls, glue, and a red skirt. It is creative and will catch everyone’s attention. What more could you want? This costume is definitely one of my favorites

halloween CL


2. Fireman: Okay, this is for my guys. Why not be a fireman? All you need is suspenders, a hard hat, and some old pants. It’s very simply and lets face it, what woman doesn’t want to be saved? (Being shirtless is also a plus for the ladies!

halloween CL

 3. The Proud Family: This is a good idea for you and your friends. Who doesn’t love The Proud Family? You can go to your local thrift store to find clothes that match theirs. It’s a cheap way to be creative for Halloween.


 4. Bank Robbers: Waited until the last minute? Be a bank robber! All you really need is a striped shirt. This costume can be done alone or with a friend.

Those are the top 4 simple, yet creative Halloween costumes that you can wear to make sure you stand out in the crowd. Here are a few more ideas:

halloween 2 halloween 3 halloween 4 HALLOWEEN30-netflix-chill.w1200.h630


two dopey

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