Transforming Your Attire After Graduation

From attending class in sweats to going to work meetings in suits. After graduating college, there are a few adjustments that you will slowly start to change for example your social life, eating habits, and the way you dress. For your 8 am classes, you barely want to put on clothes so you will see most students dressed in sweats, NIKE slides, and a college hoodie. Post-college, your 8 am wardrobe will consist of button ups, slacks, suits, skirts, etc.




This is not to say you can’t still wear your comfortable sweats, but now that you are entering into adulthood you must present yourself as such. I remember my freshmen year in college and seeing the upper-class men coming into class with suits and heels like they are going to a job interview. I thought I would never attend class in business attire besides to present, but now in my second year of an MBA program, that’s exactly how I enter class every day.
















I will say that some of my mentors in college, instilled that you come to class for an interview every time because you never know who may be in attendance that day. Also, remember first impressions are everything.

Back when our grandparents and great-grandparents attended college, we would see in old pictures that college students were dressed in their Sunday best for class. What has changed since then? Is wardrobe a concern to students now?


Do you think the way you dress matters while attending college class? Are you aware that you will need to change your wardrobe by the time you graduate?









One suggestion I have, start slowly purchasing business clothes now. For instance, each time your refund or paycheck come by a suit jacket, slacks, dress shoes or heels. This will help you in the future when you began to look for internships or full-time opportunities. Change is good sometimes. Another tip, check out a goodwill in an affluent neighborhood you can usually find really nice dress pieces.


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Amber Peters is a current MBA candidate and full-time Accountant. She is a proud Alumna of Texas Southern University. “Faith without work means nothing”

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