Tennessee State University and Fisk University Celebrate the 2nd Annual “Live Above Day”

For the 2nd year in a row Live Above Day took place on the campus of Tennessee State University. The event consisted of students and alumni working together on creating a cleaner neighborhood that both Fisk and Tennessee State share along with a discussion with alumni of each respective school who have ventured out to create their own company or started their own community initiatives. Even though the event took place last Wednesday the benefits for students are still reaping.

The event brought together HBCU alum from both Tennessee State and Fisk University who decided to stop working for others and start their own businesses and initiatives which inspired current students who want to do the exact same thing. Students had the opportunity to learn from the panel on how they started and what it took for them to start their dream. HBCU Buzz was live on campus and many students publicly stated why they personally live above.

During the event, students could ask questions but also had an opportunity to speak with panelist Portia Phillips, CEO of PFP Communications Agency and Lumiere Teeth Whitening, Demetrius Short, creator of Steps of Success 5K, and Adrian Winston and Darin Wyly, creators of Appealed Design. Panelist Portia Phillips focused on the importance of mobilizing brands on social media. It is one thing to have a lot of followers but another when followers are also supporting and buying into the business that you have.

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Panelist Demetrius Short really tuned into the importance of being accountable for actions. Being an effective leader means that you must be disciplined for yourself. Adrian and Darin really emphasized not feeling defeated so early in the game. There will be losses but you must deal with them. Ajani Aaron, a future fashion line owner who attends Tennessee State University stated that he learned how to bounce back. “It will always stick to me that you have to jump back from losses of investments, numbers speak to me and I learned the importance of capitalizing,” stated Aaron.  Source: HBCUBUZZ

Having a mentor in college is one of the greatest tools you’ll ever need to survive undergrad and beyond. You’re given an adviser to help you schedule classes and to plan out your four years, a mentor helps you get through those plans by giving you insight, encouragement, etc. they’ve been where you are. Your adviser can very well double as your mentor, you may also gain a lifelong friend within that person. College is not only the education and experiences you gain but also the connections you make.


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