Summer ..Is That You Playa?


The college-to-home transition can be a challenging one. You are accustom to living life your way on your time then hours later you’re living out of 3 suitcases and your mom is yelling about your laundry piling up. After a long semester filled with demanding professors and We all have a different picture in our minds when we think of summer. Whether its summer school, the beach, summer jobs, home sweet home, or multiple vacations in the sun. upon waiting for its arrival, summer has a way of causing a lot of anticipation to build up in our hearts. So for the average college student, summer is split into three main parts: Vacations, Working, and Relationships.

As April begins to end, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are suddenly flooded with “Who Hirin’” posts from all the money hungry students who have managed to empty and even overdraft their accounts during the school year. From internships to summer jobs and seasonal positions, young adults ranging from ages 16-24 flood the workplace during the summer season. If you are a college student, a lot of focus is on experience for future careers so internships and ways to gain experience in your field of study.

Summer relationships. Everyone loves a nice and sunny summer wedding, but how much do they love a summer relationship? Summer is the best time to go on movie dates, “BAEcations” and local carnivals come to town monthly. However, being that cuffing season is officially over and no one needs a cuddle buddy during the dog days of summer, it is actually unlikely for relationships to start during the summer. Many college couples separate or “take a break” during the summer months where they each return to their home states. Many people enjoy the feeling of being able to do and wear what they want in the summer months. Single all Summer ’17 or will everyone be jealous of your “BAEcation” pictures.

Many of us spend the pre-summer days to perfect that bathing suit body that we have plotted the caption on for so long. As far as vacations go, the most popular summer vacation spots include the Bahamas, Miami, Virginia Beach, and Bora Bora.

June 20th starts the first official day of summer, where will you go? What will you do?

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