Are New Age Rappers Tarnishing The Legacy Of Hip Hop? – A Deeper Look Behind The Memes

Wednesday morning Twitter couldn’t get enough of the misconception that Rapper, Joe Budden felt like people can’t be happy 24/7 . Even though it was a misconception it is in fact true because as Joe claims because emotions are  “fickle” meaning emotions depend on circumstance and Lil Yachty even proved this point and contradicted his ” I’m always happy” claim furthermore  while associating his happiness with the state of his current fame and material possessions, furthermore meaning as Joe tried to explain; happiness depends on happenings.

The annoyance built up in Joe and continued throughout the 42 minute interview with Lil Yachty as he claimed to be happy all the time, but of course this is what blew up on social media, because let’s just face it people like to pick fun on issues without knowing the whole story and sad, but yet true everyone loves to hate Joe Budden (except me Mr. Budden if you’re reading) . While watching the video it was apparent to me that Yachty’s happiness was not the issue at hand, his conceited ignorance was. So, the debate on whether Lil Yachty is always happy or if Joe is just angry is and was irrelevant to me.

What was the real issue?

Joe comes from an era in rap where street battles and lyricism was a must in the game and Yachty is living in a time where club banger beats and catchy metaphors make you the “best rapper alive”. The artistry and legacy of hip hop is dying because of people like yachty’s want to rap for fun and not a competition as Joe stated in the interview. When Questioned about this and who he though his competitors were, of course, Yachty skated around the question and put it back on his accomplishments saying that he doesn’t believe that he’s doing the best music but the best music.

Key point 1: The competitive nature of hip hop is dying to some extent because of rappers that are just doing it for fun.

Now, is that a bad thing? not necessarily, we don’t need to have a new  petty beef and diss records dropping every week, but competition does bring out the best in people so what should be the new measurement of talent if everyone decides to just do something for fun.

Who’s to blame ?

The fans. Point Blank Period. If we, didn’t support artist that rap about nothing then they wouldn’t get no play. plain and simple. If you looked beyond how the bass knock in your car, and looked for more than the turn up you would realize essentially all these people rap about the same stuff and lack identity. Now, don’t get me wrong not all new age rappers are bad and I’m not saying I don’t jam them sometimes, keyword being “sometimes”, but most  rappers today wouldn’t have made it when hip hop was emerging.

Key point 2: To be a trending topic is a big factor in today’s age when it comes to anything, so fans have to take responsibility.


Has hip -hop changed forever ?

Yes it has, change is inevitable, but People like J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and  Drake, just to name a few are definitely proving to us that rap will be revived again, and even if the yachty’s continue to flourish it won’t be the end of hip-hop because with new age rappers come new legends, and that is the reason hip hop could never die.

Keypoint 3:  we need them around to remind us what hip-hop was and will always be.

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