MSU Student and Baltimore Protester Free After Police Kidnapping

A Baltimore protester arrested on live TV, which looked like a scene from a movie, is now free according to his attorney.


Via Mashable: Joseph Kent, a 21-year-old student at Morgan State University who rose to local prominence during the Michael Brown protests late last year, “is a free man,” Baltimore attorney Stephen Beatty tweeted Thursday morning.


— The Big Acquittal (@BeattyLaw) April 30, 2015

Protesters both in Baltimore and watching at home were shocked at the sudden and over-the-top nature of the arrest, and they shared the clip widely. The arrest sparked outrage on social media and a hashtag to free Joseph Kent went viral.

Others accused the police of conducting a “blackbag kidnapping” snatched away “the same way Colombian drug lords do.”

Joseph Kent speaks for the first time since being released from jail to CBSN

Kent is no stranger to being in the forefront of the protests and raising awareness for injustices against black americans. In November, Kent spoke to the Baltimore City Paper about his efforts to keep the peace during protests in solidarity with Ferguson.

“The protesting, the marching and the movement, it was important to a lot of people out there,” he said.

“Of course, it’s Baltimore and you’re gonna have the ones who wanna be violent and ignorant and stuff like that, but the majority of the people were of one accord and wanted to send a message to the people that don’t understand what is going on and blind to what is happening — that it is just not OK to kill our young people.”

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