How To Maintain A Strong Academic Start

It’s back to school season! Whether this is your first year in college or you’re a returning student, creating a strong study habit in the beginning of the semester can save you from cramming and stressing during exam week. If you start off strong you should also end strong, here are a few tips that should get you started.

• Look over syllabus before classes start
• Know your professor’s office hour and utilize them
• Find someone who took the course and ask what to expect
• Create small study groups
• Get your books before the second week (shop online it’s always cheaper than the campus book store)
• Create flashcards and have your friends quiz you on the material at random
• Study for at least 30 minutes to an hour, take a break and then review
• Try taking notes in assorted colors it may help you remember the material better
• Keep a planner
• Get a tutor
• Create a clear study space away from distractions
• Record the lectures if it’ll help
• Ask if the notes will be on blackboard
• Set small goals for the week
• If you have an online class that they offer an on-campus class for email your professor and ask if you can sit in the class for in person lectures
• Don’t stress or put too much pressure on yourself!

These are some of the things that helps me stay on top of my course load, it’s best that you implement some if not most of these tips daily so that you can build up a healthy studying habit. You never want to cram information because you won’t retain as much you think unless that method really works for you then by all means continues. Hopefully, these tips are helpful and you can maintain the GPA that you want at the end of each semester, Good Luck!

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