Why Forbes Say’s Your Degree May Not Be Worth S***


Experts say if you use loans to pay for college like the other $1.3 trillion Americans do, the debt is only worth it if your professional salary can support you paying off your loans in 10 years.

Anyone else that has been out of college for than 10 years and are still paying back loans, look at the expert like “F you?”

The “new” rule is student loan debt is affordable if half of the student’s after-tax increase income would be enough to pay off the loan in 10 years or less.

What Can We Do?

You’ve gotta prepare!! You can’t keep looking at loans as this fake number that will never catch up with you! Because it will. And worse yet, the way Sallie Mae’s account is set up, your loans will only increase as interest is applied.


Google your salary and location possibilities  This calculator will estimate your salary based on where you would be working, a key factor in overall affordability. Know the max amount of loan money you should take out.

One other common rule of thumb is that you don’t want your total student loan debt to exceed your first year’s salary in your field.


Choose a major in the general field of your dream. 9 times out of 10 you will have to put in time and experience to really get to the place in your career that you envision. You will need a plan to work your way toward your career goals with a practical degree that will allow you to eradicate debt, stockpile some savings and open up more choices once you have some experience. This is the grown up goal!

Know It’s OK to Slow Down.There are a lot of statistics out there about “boomerang kids,” young people who end up back at home after college, delaying major milestones like first home purchases or marriage. Most people go back home in order to be financially responsible, which makes sense. But it’s also OK to delay “adulting” a few years in order to set the rest of your adult years up for financial independence. Take a year off to save money rather than plowing into another year of loans with uncertainty.

How have you started managing your loans?


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