Black Women Do It Again: Earning 125% of What Counterparts Earn

Productivity is being hurt, according to the University of Chicago and Stanford team, by racist and sexist discrimination on the part of U.S. employers. Employers simply do not pay women and minorities as much as less qualified white counterparts, resulting in a mismatch of workers and occupations.

However that’s not the case for black women. In regards to female black college graduates, the gap more than vanishes. Joseph G. Conti reports in Profiles of a New Black Vanguard that “black college-educated females currently earn 125 percent of what white college educated females earn.”

As a result some mainstream economists want to believe discrimination is rare or non-existent in a capitalist economy such as ours, and has been for a long time. First, applauding Black woman your determination and keen insight is a power element you have learned to will and control. We applaud you, continue to produce, create and succeed as studies clearly show.

With that said the notion that racism and discrimination exist in our legal systems, streets, schools and hearts of some but not in corporate America or the work force is troubling.  Unfortunately discrimination in the work place is still a common issue, presenting itself in the corporate america in multiple fashions.

Keep up the good work ladies!!



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