3 Reasons Why Jesse Williams is the Ideal Man


The “Grey’s Anatomy” actor has been involved in many causes and taught history in Philadelphia charter schools.:

1)He stands up for what he believes in

Jesse Williams’ acceptance speech on the 2016 BET Awards truly showed the depth of his passion in standing up for what he believes in. He stood up there with bravery in his heart, bass in his voice, a trophy in his hand and said words that I’ll never forget…“Just because we’re magic, does not mean we’re not real.” Even before that speech Jesse has taken countless activism stances in regard to social injustice, police brutality, and other issues within the African-American community. He has a long track record of standing up for what he believes in and that is a very attractive trait in a man. If he is willing to stand up for his beliefs then that means when times get hard, he will be the first to stand up for you.

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2) He’s a double threat

Most of the time when a man is attractive he has the brains of a doorknob, or if he’s smart then he has the looks of something foreign to the New York runways. It is truly a rare combination to find a man that has both characteristics, but we’ve found it in Jesse. Jesse attended Temple University and graduated with a double major in African-American Studies and Film & Media Arts. Then, he taught African-American History at charter schools, worked in law firms, and began his acting career off-Broadway. Clearly, Jesse is smart and it is also clear that the man is attractive. I mean just look at him.

3) He appreciates an independent woman

Jesse loves his wife and makes it clear to the world. He met Aryn Drake Lee while teaching history at a school and they’ve been inseparable ever since. She is a very successful businesswoman in the real estate industry. While most men would be threatened by that, Jesse appreciates and admires that about his wife. He was even quoted saying “”I don’t gain strength from the weakness of others. I need to be able to learn from my partner. That’s what keeps us alive. We have mutual respect for each other and we can help each other where we need it.”

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